• I have been a pastry chef for over 20 years.  Chef source has been a part of that for the majority of 20 years. Over the years the personal service they provide has been remarkable. Chef source has been receptive and completive in these ever-changing times. Their quality inventory in both pastries and savory food has been top-notch.  I look forward to continuing working with chef source for the years to come.

    Chef Taylor Brockenshire

    Pastry Chef | Townsend Hotel, Birmingham, MI.
  • Having been an Executive Chef at multiple Private Country Clubs over the last 24 years of my Culinary Career, I have worked with a number of Food Service Companies and Small Vendors constantly looking for new and innovative products and ideas. With the mind set and goal of only sourcing the highest quality and consistent products available, I have always had Chef Source to turn to when looking for that cool ingredient or product to put that special touch or twist to menu items. If you take a closer look at what Chef Source has to offer, you would realize that they have the same mind set and goals as Chefs when it comes to getting the best possible product available- whether your in the Pastry Kitchen or on the Hot Line they offer the products that are not available from your large Chain Suppliers- their focus is simple, if its not the best then it is not offered. Since 1999 I have always endorsed Chef Source and will continue to do so because they are the Best Source.

    Chef Daniel Giroux

    Executive Chef | Prestwick Village Golf Club.
  • I have known Roger the owner of Chef Source for over 25 years since he was a salesman for Leone Foods, and I was and still am amazed at his Hustle, drive, and attention to detail. He has brought that Drive and Hustle to his business. Chef Source and has become a very important part of my business here at the Gem Theatre and Colony Club in downtown Detroit. Whenever I need hard-to-find products or business advice he is my go too guy. Chef Source stocks a wide variety of culinary products, both savory and sweet. I highly recommend Chef Source for all of your culinary needs.

    Chef George Hamiel

    Executive Chef | Gem and Colony Events, Detroit, Mi.
  • For the past 10 years, Chef Source has always been my primary contact for pastry products, catering supplies, and unique ingredients. Their customer service standards go well beyond their outstanding sales representatives. Whenever I’ve needed anything, Chef Source has always been prompt to handle my requests. Over the years I’ve been able to develop great relationships with Scott, Jason, and Roger. They have all taken a personal interest in the work that I’ve been doing, helping me with what I need in a timely manner. As a company that was built with pastry at the forefront, they have a depth of knowledge in pastry products that I have yet to find with any other company. The vast amount of product they have on stock is unmatched. Their willingness and ability to track down and acquire just about anything they don’t stock has been tremendously helpful. In addition, they’ve provided me with many opportunities to network with other pastry professionals around the area, as well as build direct relationships with the suppliers whose products I use. The standards and service that are displayed from top to bottom at Chef Source have kept me with the company for my entire career and have been a reliable source for my pastry needs.

    Chef Ben Robison

    Pastry Chef | Chartreuse Detroit, MI
  • The name that speaks for itself; a place for chefs created by a chef-like mentality. I have been a loyal customer for 18 years back when it was only mousse and cookies. Now I purchase appetizers, tart shells, desserts, fruit purees, pomodorino tomatoes, olives, truffles, cake mixes, etc. I get excited every time I go to their office, wondering what they are going to show me today or even better when they come to my place and show new items designated for my business. I will sometimes go to pick up one or two items and leave with samples for future menus. I’m like a kid in a candy store, amazed at the variety; new spice blends, vegan muffins, new bon-bons from a local vendor, tasting new chocolates, new gelatos, or even having a cup of coffee. It's quite refreshing to see the owner just as excited as I am and seeing his team just as excited to sell the latest and greatest ingredients that no one else has. Amongst the new and cool items, it is great that they support local independents and are ALL active in the local Chefs’ organization. What better way to build a brand than to get the needs and concerns directly from your local Chefs. I am a firm believer in “it’s ok to be good at a lot of things, but it’s even better to be GREAT at one; CHEF SOURCE name speaks for itself.” Chef Source has cornered the market on stocking all those hard to get - no one stocks - I wish they made - 2 week lead time-limited supply - fun chef items. The customer service is second to none. I am able to get deliveries that work for my business or even stop by the warehouse for a convenient will call. The icing on the cake is when the owner knows your name and knows what your business model is. The sales team is very knowledgeable and knows my business, even the delivery guys… where would you like this chef? Sometimes it’s the little things… but a wise chef once said “success is a lot of small things done well.” Great family-owned local business and proud to support!

    Chef Terence Tarver

    Executive Chef | The Inn at St. John's
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